Beneath the steep slopes of the northwestern island hills of Iceland, a festival celebrates the ratification of Iceland’s Constitution. A festival that blends music, romance, heat, and drinks— all together in one event.

Known as the famous “Westman Islands Festival”, this event inexplicably gathers the greatest number of visitors every first weekend of August. It is a 4-day outdoor camping festival that takes place in Herjólfsdalur, Westman Islands.

People would actually set their tents including the locals to accommodate the visitors by welcoming them with smoked puffin, coffee, and other delicious delicacies.

A massive bonfire takes place then the colorful fireworks display happens the day after it. Apart from those fire, there are some bands that will light up the festival.

The last day is supposedly the magical one where a special “Thjodhatid” song is dedicated for the festival. Along with it, other known Icelandic songs will also be played where everyone in the valley would sing along under a torch-lit sky.

Many have judged the festival for the ill-manner way of celebrating the festival. Nevertheless, the festival continuously unites people as a family that eats, drink, sings and dance all together.

Photo Credit: Óskar P. Friðriksson