Volunteers In Cebu Give Out School Supplies To Help Students Continue Learning


The COVID-19 Pandemic has led to the shutdown of countless businesses as well as a lengthy pause on education. Numerous students are unable to continue their education because it seems like the only option is online learning and having the resources to participate in the medium. Eventually, a youth organization observed this problem and decided to take action.

Project Duag has incentivized education for children. They hand out modules to target communities and to students who do not have the means for online learning.

To motivate the students, the members give school supplies as prize to those who answer the modules correctly.

The Project Duag team is composed of founder Jerrick Brillo, along with a group of volunteers. They go house to house to distribute modules and school supplies, as opposed to a community gathering to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading. Aside from that, Brillo and his company also distribute essentials such soap and alcohol.

Additionally, Brillo himself created the learning modules that focus on the English language.

Project Duag was made possible by the grant they received from Positive Youth Development Network, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that lends a helping hand to local youth organizations. The group eventually rolled out in June.

Brillo has bright plans for the future of the initiative and its beneficiaries. One is to materialize a 3-tailored program that targets three varying age groups– children, young adults, and adults. Each is entitled to receive their respective donation.

Art materials will be needed for children, modules for young adults, and blood pressure check-ups for adults.

“Duag”, meaning color in Cebuano, is an organization that aims to make the students time at home productive and colorful. As of press, Project Duag has alredy made a difference in 10 communities.

Project Duag mainly relies on donations as these help fund the materials for distribution as well as the means to travel. Those who would like to help can reach out to the organization’s official Facebook page.

Photo Credit: Project Duag Facebook Page


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