Shangri-La Plaza matches its broad selection of stores, dining options, & services with fast, reliable, and free Wi-Fi now available 24/7 to its valued mall goers, providing unlimited connection all day, every day!

This gives guests the convenience of checking their email and social media accounts, chatting with friends via messaging apps, and sharing pictures and posts about their visit to the Shang in real time.

“Wi-Fi accessibility is a necessity in today’s world,” says Lala Fojas, General Manager and EVP. “Besides keeping us informed, the Internet allows us to stay connected not just with the people who matter in our lives but with the rest of the world. Providing fast and reliable Wi-Fi service in the mall makes each visit to the Shang all the more enjoyable and complete.”

Discover how Shangri-La Plaza’s all-day Wi-Fi gives you an unlimited amount of fun and ease while you’re at the mall:

Unlimited shopping

Fashion-savvy and beauty-addicted millennials now have a world of shopping advice and resources at their fingertips!

As they scour the boutiques and brands at the Shangri-La Plaza for the best and trendiest finds, they can ask their whole barkada for their opinions on their group chat, create Instagram surveys to decide between purchases, search for online reviews and swatches on their lipsticks of choice, and even post their #OOTDs right away.

Unlimited productivity

Whether you’re running a quick errand during your coffee break or looking for a quiet corner to work on a presentation, you can always stay connected thanks to the Shang’s free Wi-Fi all day.

Busy executives from nearby offices can keep tabs on their email or send quick reminders while they’re at the mall. You can even choose any of the great restaurants as a satellite workspace, and even hold meetings (in person or via Skype) in your favorite coffee houses.

Unlimited food tripping

Take your food tripping to the next level!

The Shangri-La Plaza is renowned for its excellent variety dining choices, and as you explore which restaurant to try on each visit, your phone can be your online compass to navigating the mall’s world of cuisine.

Check out what your friends and favorite influencers recommend to order from their blogs and social media posts. Don’t forget to snap a few flatlays for the ‘gram!

Unlimited bonding

At the Shang, your rapid-fire Viber conversations never have to stop because your free Wi-Fi has run out!

If you and your friends have got gossip to last you the whole day, then you can expect that the Internet connection will last, too.

What’s more, the Wi-Fi keeps you connected with your loved ones as you can easily share your moments at the mall in real-time: Moms can share photos and videos of their little ones as they play, TV junkies can catch up on the Netflix shows their friends are already talking about, and shopaholics can show off their latest wares on social media.

To access free Internet at The Shang, simply connect to the Wi-Fi network #Shangri-La Plaza on your mobile phone or gadget. Enter and verify your mobile number, select All Day Access to Wi-Fi, type out the information requested in the Register page, then tap the “I Agree” button. For succeeding visits to the mall, tap the “Go” button to access Wi-Fi service.