Traveling has become so much easier over the years that we just need to go online, book a flight, and get on a plane to wherever we want. But with hundreds of countries to choose from, our biggest problem is: ‘Where do we go next?’

Fortunately, TripAdvisor has compiled a list of ‘Most Excellent’ cities in the world to help you find your next destination!

1. Key West, USA

Key West in Florida, USA takes TripAdvisor’s number one spot in the ‘Most Excellent’ cities list. Despite its laid back atmosphere and beautiful weather, Key West has a lively nightlife which party-goers will surely enjoy. You can also enjoy relaxing at the beach and enjoy a few water sports if you’re up for it.

A visit to Key West isn’t complete without enjoying the food it has to offer so don’t forget to get a slice of their famed Key Lime Pie at Key West Key Lime Pie Company!

Photo credit: silviamoraisd & omarfarookafifi