Victory in Mactan or what the Filipino calls it ‘Kadaugan Sa Mactan’ is a celebration event wherein they will reenact the victory of Mactan people or the Oponganons during the famous battle in the 16 the century. The re-enactment is the main event of the celebration.

The objective of the event is to encourage the locals to take it by heart the message of the re-enactment.

The battle took place in April 27, 1521 when the men of Ferdinand Magellan reach the shores of the island and was battled by the chief which is Lapu-Lapu and his allies. During the bloody battle, Ferdinand Magellan lost the battle together with his soldiers.

Since 1981 until now, it is performed annually. The Kadaugan sa Mactan was called ‘Bahugbahug sa Mactan’ in local language. According to the history, there are 3 ships of Magellan going to the beach of Mactan.

The Kadaugan sa Mactan is an interesting celebration that attracts local and foreign visitors. Aside from the re enactment, there is also a food festival where all the visitors and the people there enjoy the foods, drinks and sightseeing the beauty of the Mactan, Island. You can find there the various cuisines. There is also a Kadaugan Street Party.

It is a 3 night party from April 24-26. Part of the whole celebration is the popular Rampada sa Kalsada, the streets were filled with loud music, people that are eating and dancing. Showdown, where the locals will present a dance battling the other dancers.

Upon enjoying the event, you can visit the Lapu Lapu Mactan Shrine wherein you can find a monument that honors Ferdinand Magellan since he is the one who brought the Christian faith to the island.

Photo Credit: Cebu Festivals, Mactan Post, booking