Whenever people hear about Hiroshima, we remember the saddening past which devastated not just our history but most especially Japan’s.

In retrospect, Hiroshima, Japan was the first country which experienced the cruel fate brought by the atomic bomb. Near the end of World War II, the United States dropped the nuclear weapon in the said city on August 6, 1945 before letting go another in the neighboring city, Nagasaki.

Because of the detrimental effects of the nuclear bomb, many people stood away from the cities in fear of radiation. And for a long time, the city became a “no entry” zone because of the so-called “Ground Zero”.

But years after the nuclear destruction, Hiroshima has rebuilt itself into a modern and vibrant city. You can now visit the city freely; however, there are still precautionary measures mostly near the “Ground Zero.”

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In memory of the tragic history, Japan’s government has made a Peace Memorial Park and Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Museum dedicated to the citizens killed by the bomb. You can visit the place and pay respect.

Meanwhile, some of the buildings which withstood the bombing can still be seen today.

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Aside from the visible relics of the bombing, Hiroshima also have preserved its culture. The city has a museum which presents the Edo period of Japan and it has a Museum of Art which has one of the best collections of French Renaissance art in Asia.

Visiting Hiroshima also brings serenity and relaxation through its numerous gardens. Do not worry, Hiroshima has a lot of Instagram-worthy sites which you can capture.

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Surely, Hiroshima has survived against the destruction made by the people and has withstood the test of time. The city is now far from how it used to be — it’s now one of the go-to places in Japan.

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