Travelers And Construction Of New Hotels Unwelcome In Barcelona


Barcelona is the third most-visited city in the Europe because of its historic places and views. Surprisingly, it has a booming number of 32 million travelers which outnumbers the 1.6 million residents.

Unfortunately, tourists will no longer be welcome in Barcelona as the city’s Mayor, Ada Colau sets out a new policy. This includes prohibitions construction plans of new hotels.

The Strategic Plan for Tourism 2020 presents number of changes regarding visiting the city which aims to decrease the number of tourists at large.

The plan includes increasing of parking rates, adding big charges for day-trippers and regulating the number of electric scooters and segways in the city that has more tourist spots. Also, the highest property tax rates will be given to vacation apartments. However, licenses for new tourist accommodation will not be released by the city of Barcelona.

Colau’s tourism proposal was apprehended by locals who are dominated by huge numbers of visitors.

Photo Credit: PEXELS.COM


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