One of the festivals in the country that everyone awaits is the Binirayan Festival. This festival is celebrated annually in Antique Province every last week of April. The primary aim of this festival is to commemorate the arrival of the ten Bornean datus in Hamtic town way back in the mid-19th century Borneo region. Also through this festival, the citizens of Antique honor the memories of their departed heroes.

Aside from commemorating the arrival of the ten datus, the people of Antique also uses the potential of the festival is to make their culture and history known to people across the globe.

Coordination of performances is one of the few things that visitors would first notice upon witnessing the festival. Colors and happiness will fully envelop the province as go along enjoying the celebration. Theatrical street plays with cast pulling off a full Malayan costume, rituals, flotilla (boat-like floats) are just some of the other attractions you should never miss once you visit.

Beauty pageants is also one of the main attraction of this festival. Aspiring Beauty Queens are joining in the Lin-ay Kang Antique (formally known as Miss Antique). These kind of beauty pageants prove that Antique is not just about beauty, but also it’s about brains to think of ways on how to promote the province and heart to continually take care of the wonderful province.

Winners of the title get to be Ambassadors for the different charities in the region. Other areas tested in the beauty pageants include talent shows, a host of interviews as well as fun activities managed by the organizing committee.

Photo Credit: Concept Central