Burned out students can now loosen up a little bit with this study cafe in Katipunan. Obviously, Diligence Cafe is intended for academic purposes as well as to plunge some fun outside of the universities. So we will start off with its unlimited coffee. No one can deny that sipping a cup of freshly-brewed coffee while studying gives nothing but soothing relaxation to your weary mind.

Next, is its various seating areas which depends upon on your needs. It has bean bags where you can lay while unwinding with your favorite books (yes, not school related). Also, an open library with lots of electrical sockets where you can send out your pre-loved books as donations. And, the conference room that is open for group activity with a maximum capacity of 6 persons.

Last but not the least and the most exciting of all, the napping services. After a long and tiring stay at school, you deserve the best nap you can have and if that’s not too much, you may also avail of their shower services. What a deal!

Here are more photos:

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Good luck to these Bedan law students for their last day of exam!!!! 💪🏼

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