A restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand gives a new twist to the famous Japanese hotpot dish composed of sliced meat and vegetables called shabu-shabu. Concocting the traditional dish with a contemporary twist, Shabu Lab redefines the shabu-shabu experience.

Decked in tubes and cylinders, the equipment doubles as tools to whip up the perfect broth. Shabu Lab in Bangkok let the diners create their preferred combination of sweet, salty, sour and spicy flavors. Making the dining experience more than just food served on a plate, but a mastery of the art of shabu-shabu.

Know what’s more exciting? The restaurant has its own incubator for creating the ideal onsen egg. An onsen egg is a traditional low-temperature egg which is slowly cooked in the water.

Watch the video on how Shabu Lab restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand wows their diners with their scientific elements:

This Bangkok Restaurant Treats Shabu Like a Science

Is this a science lab or a restaurant?

Posted by BK Magazine on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Video Credit: Facebook: BK Magazine
Photo Credit: Instagram: @gorg.gamgail