Spain’s Batalla del Vino (or Haro Wine Festival) is much like the annual Wattah Wattah festival in San Juan—except that they revel in wine instead of regular tap water.

In Haro, wine literally flies from every corner of the streets every 29th of June, making the festival coincide with St. Pedro’s Day. The event will surely soak everyone in fermented grape juice—La Rioja’s pride. Part of the insane fun is the unconventional containers people use to disperse wine with, they range from water pistols, plastic containers, wine bottles (of course), spritz bottles, and even old cowboy boots!

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There certainly is something for every attendees—so long as they like getting drenched (and drunk) in wine. Just be careful not to go blackout drunk though as everyone might miss the heifer-running (bullfighting) and all other festivities.

Prepare to leave the premises looking like Barney.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram: @nakulkarwa, @travelintoliving,, @youthtimemovement