The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo In Halifax, Nova Scotia


Canada celebrates various festivals every year which commemorates many different events in the history of the country or the significant people who made it possible, like the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo.

Held annually in Halifax since 1979, the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo is a show inspired by Military Tattoos given by military bands and display teams.

No, this is not the “tattoo” you’ve been thinking. It is a military performance of music or display of armed forces in general. This festival commemorates Canada’s fighting men and women in a special partnership between civilian and military performers.

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And even though this festival is held in Canada, its main purpose is to unite and ‘form a bond of friendship’ with the rest of the world.

Dancing, gymnastics, and athleticism can be seen on the show backed by the harmonious sounds of pipes, drums, and vocals by military bands, solo singers, and choirs. You can expect to appreciate the importance of the Tattoo in Canadians as you witness mock battles and recreations.

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This event attracts both tourists and performers across the globe as the festival combines traditional and modern artistry matched by the current classics.

You’ll surely have a taste of Canada’s culture brought to the present time.

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