Carthage isn’t just popular for the historic symbol and marks left by a vast and legendary city in the 814 BC, the Phoenician Carthage, but also for being the location of the longest running arts festival in all Africa and the Arab World.

Started in 1964, the International Festival Of Carthage is an annual music festival taking place in July and August. This festival is considered to be one of the most important events in the Arabian and African tradition.

People from around the world gather together at the ancient Roman amphitheatre where both local and international artists perform.

The rebuilt theatre accommodates over 7,000 people, which caresses them with the night air partnered by different melodies.

All types of genres and styles of arts are represented but the locals are the ones given the limelight.

As time went on, the festival has evolved in order to recapture excellence and public interest. It now include theatre, international film, poetry reading, classical Arabic music, and traditional Tunisian music and dance.

Experience the International Festival of Carthage now to enjoy the Arab and African culture and see the magnificent city lifted out of history.

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Photo credit: YouTube – montassar ayed | Instagram – @feriel_marzougui, @faiayo, @etsyria, @abdennadher.ali