TFC Launches Its First Ever Digital Comedy Series “Stand Up For Laughs”


Get ready to laugh your hearts out as TFC gives you its first ever digital comedy series, ‘Stand Up For Laughs’!

Featuring original content by Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World 2016 finalist and Comedy Manila Co-Founder Alex Calleja himself, you will surely relate “Stand Up For Laughs”with its comical portrayal of the Filipinos’ “typical” attitudes.

Catch the 8-part comedy series via TFC Online ( for worldwide and soon in the Philippines via iWant. This is FREE for all registered users.

For updates about the show, visit and like or TFC’s Facebook page applicable to your area. Connect with fellow global Kapamilyas and follow @KapamilyaTFC and KapamilyaGlobalPR on Twitter and Instagram.

In the meantime, catch these 8 comedians in ‘Stand Up For Laughs’:

Alex Calleja

A known face in the stand-up comedy. Alex has been in the scene for almost 12 years. He’s also known for being a writer of comedy shows like It’s Showtime and Goin’ Bulilit. Alex is also a co-founder of Comedy Manila.

GB Labrador

One of the founders of Comedy Manila. He has been doing stand-up comedy for 11 years. He was also the first home-grown Filipino comedian to represent the country in Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival.

Clark Capilit

Live A.I.D.S. writer, and freelance writer by profession, Clark is now aiming to venture the stand-up comedy scene.

Winer Aguilar

Champion of the Last Comedian Standing in 2016. Winer has been doing stand-up comedy for 5 years and is now a member of Comedy Manila. He also joined Funny One Season 2.

Nicki Morena

She is also known as DJ Vicki Morena during her radio shows on MOR. Nicki was also introduced in the comedy stage by joining It’s Showtime’s Kalokalike as the look-alike of Nicki Minaj.

Ramon Cabochan

Before entering stand-up comedy, Ramon was a doctor by profession. But because he really wants to pursue comedy, he left it and joined Comedy Manila and was bantered as the “Oldest Stand-Up Comedy Apprentice”.

Orca Reyes

Aslso known as “Orca”, she has been in the comedy scene with her band, The Fat Session. Now, Orca also wants to try the stand-up comedy scene by introducing her different type of comedy.


A Japanese stand-up comedian who was first seen on It’s Showtime’s Funny One. He has been doing stand-up comedy in Japan for 10 years, and in the Philippines for 3 years.