“Tama Na, Sobra Na Tayo.”: Kids Refused To Accept More Food When A Seller Offered


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, majority of the citizens with the financial capability have horded stocks that they could use in the long run as nobody knew when the health crisis would end. People were eventually called on to stop panic buying and consider other consumers that may need the excess products, hence the maximum number of essentials per transaction.

A netizen, whose Facebook name is Duanne Astrera, has met 2 street children that fascinated him.

The uploader shared that they met a week prior to the now-viral photo. The two offered to pick up the garbage in front of the store that his family owns. In exchange, he let them choose from the snacks that are available which are siomai, siopao, or snowball.

The kids picked snowball. When Astrera asked if they want more, the younger one pointed the siomai. This prompted the other one to stop him and say, “Tama na, sobra na tayo.”

The street dwellers then gave thanks and left.

It is amazing that kids that young already exhibit a sense of contentment. Hopefully, there are more of them grow up to know with that kind of thinking.