Meet the giant crocodiles of Australia thru its only crocodile dive experience named ‘Cage of Death’. This attraction takes Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin to a higher level and more popular especially to thrill-seekers.

The ‘Cage of Death’ adventure starts with a 15-minute stay in a cage fit for 1 to 2 people only. Then, crocodile handlers will feed the giant reptiles which cause it to move aggressively so expect a face-to-face encounter.

To give a more nerve-wrecking meet, the cage will be lowered into the pen to give a closer look at these amazing crocodiles.

Also, on-site photographers are there to capture the memorable images in and out of the enclosures. It includes the extremely exciting 360-degree view of tourists and crocodiles. So don’t dare miss it!

Here are more photos and video from ‘Cage of Death’:

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Photo Credit: Instagram: @what_brooke_wore, @annabelle.chapple, @tanya_weddle07, @vbegss
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