Who’s Game To Swim In The ‘Death Pool’ Of Cabangaoan Beach?


Travelers simply prefer white sand beaches and the warm sea breeze when they have time to relax and unwind from the buzzing streets of the city. However, there are tourists who target thrilling adventures while at the beach.

Now, one of the booming attractions in Burgos, Pangasinan is the Cabangaoan beach which houses the not-so-secret ‘death pool.’ Locals have tagged the beach with such a scary name because of the pool-like rock formation that becomes a natural pool whenever strong waves crash into it.

But instead of being considered terrifying, Cabangaoan beach is actually declared safe and still continues to captivate everyone with its extraordinary natural pool.

To reach the place from Manila, it requires a long and tiring 5-hour drive but it rewards everyone with an unforgettable swimming experience in the so-called ‘death pool.’

Watch the video here:

Video Credit: Youtube: Shey Salcedo


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