Each one of us has our comfort zones, a place where we can call our own, a personal “corner” where you can do things you like and love, a dwelling of free souls.

Sulok Café, a unique coffee place located in front of the Ynares Center in Antipolo City, is the perfect place to unwind, savor delicious food, sip freshly brewed coffee and be yourself all at the same time.

Sulok Café offers a seamless hangout experience. With free Wi-Fi and electric sockets all over the place, you can finish school and workloads with ease.

The idea behind the Sulok Café started from the creative minds of a millennial couple Rodrigo and Andy, they both have corporate jobs before entering a coffee shop business. Andy worked for different E-commerce companies while Rodrigo became part of different advertising agencies.

Instead of spending their savings for a lush wedding, the couple decided to put up their own business.

“Sulok” means corner, the owners believe that all people have their own personal corners, a place where they can be what they wanted to be.

“Sulok Café is a manifestation of the whole attitude of people to have one corner that we are all used to going to–Rodrigo”.

Sulok Café has a very youthful and chill vibe. The idea of having your own “sulok” expresses through the writable walls where customers can write and draw anything using the colored chalks provided by the café.

Aside from its unique and relaxing ambiance, Sulok Café also offers sumptuous food and coffee choices. The café’s menu is a mixture of Filipino, Italian and Mexican cuisines promising a delicious gastronomic experience.

Just like their very own Malunggay Pasta, a localized version of pesto. Malunggay Pasta is composed of malunggay leaves, olive oil, nuts, cream cheese with chicken on top.

Sulok Café also offers a different way to enjoy Adobo through their savory and crispy Adobo Flakes.

Chili Poppers and Spicy Chicken Bagizza to heat up your food trip.

Café Antonio and White Chocolate Mocha Frappe are the perfect drinks to calm your cravings.

Find your “sulok” at the heights of Antipolo and savor a corner of good taste and a good place at Sulok Café.