The cheese didn’t commit any crime, but the people in England have been chasing it every year.

Just when you think racing are just done by running, wait until you witness the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling festival held in Gloucestershire, England on the last week of May. People have considered it one of the world’s most bizarre festival, and if you’re still puzzled here’s why:

At the top of the hill known as the “Cooper’s hill”, people would gather around to watch or participate in the cheesy chase racing of the year. As soon as you arrived at the place, you’d already have an idea how risky it is to join the competition because of the uneven and steep structure of the hill.

Grab your 7-9 pound roll of cheese and head to Gloucester, England. As far as bizarre events, the Cooper's Hill…

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Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake takes place this year on 26th May. It is traditionally by and for the people who live in the local village of Brockworth, but now people from all over the world take part.

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The racing begins after the judge throws down a seven-pound round Double Gloucester cheese from the slope. Then participants start running, rolling, sprinting and bumping each other as they race down to chase the victory. You could just imagine how brave those people are who runs down at the height of the hill for participants can speed up to more than 100 km/h, enough to injure and knock over a participant or a bystander. So, if you’re one of the aspiring cheese rollers, equip yourself to having few broken bones and concussions.

Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake, EnglandThe person who crosses the finish line first gets the dairy prize. The…

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The race is separated according to genders and ages. These includes mixed children’s race for under 11 years old, mixed children’s race for 11 to 15 years old, women’s race, men’s race, and adult’s uphill race. Of course, the winners wouldn’t leave the hill bringing just his or her bruises and fractures. The winners of the race will bring home the head of the huge “Double Gloucestershire Cheese.”

How would Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling winner Kenny Rackers' outfit work as a baselayer for the USA shirt?

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“I don’t really like cheese," says this year's winner of the Cooper's Hill cheese-rolling contest. Huh?

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And since the festival is relatively informal and is organized only by volunteers and small organization, anyone is free to participate with no applications, qualifications or registration fees. But, if racing isn’t on your what-to-do list, then make sure to arrive early to get a spot whether on the hillsides or at the bottom of the hill where you can see a wide view of the racers.

Participants in the Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling RaceSee more photos here:

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People sit at the top of the steep gradient of Cooper's Hill as they wait for the cheese-rolling to start on May 27,…

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Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling festival started off as an event for locals but it has now attracted the world’s attention considering it’s bizarre but fun way of celebration.

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