If you’re craving for an authentic Batangeño food, there’s no place you’d rather be other than Matabungkay Beach Hotel and Resort in Lian, Batangas.

As part of its 35th year celebration, Matabungkay Beach Hotel and Resort is hosting the 3rd Batangas Food Festival that will run from November till December 2017.

The Batangas Food Festival 2017 was launched last October 28. The event was filled with age-old family recipes of the prominent clans of Batangas and famous Batangas food and delicacies.

Including the popular “Lomi ng Lipa” crafted by Nina Daza-Puyat, the granddaughter of the late Nora Daza, a legendary Batangeña celebrity chef.

The “Pesang Maya-maya with Ginisang Kamatis at Miso” by the Limjoco-Lejano clan was also a delicious chow in the festival.

The two dishes are part of the 7 heirloom recipes from different provinces of Batangas served at Batangas Food Festival.

The event was also graced by the “Adobo Queen,” Nancy Reyes-Lumen who shared a very unique Tagalog-Batangas food fusion, the “Crispy Adobong Manok sa Kapeng Barako.”

She also served “Rodrigo’s Roast Pork” a dish named after President Rodrigo Duterte.

Local made deserts like “Tablea and Jacobina” and “Calamay Mochi” by Chef Jaja Andal are truly a heaven for people with sweet appetite.

Matabungkay Beach Hotel and Resort Executive Chef Ricardo Diño Jr. showed ways on how to cook “Baby Squid Salpicao”. Baby squids are abundant in Batangas deep.

5 concoctions were served in the festival including The “Ala-Eh Mojito” a chili-flavored cocktail that literally spiced up the event.

Experience Batangas Food Festival exclusively at Matabungkay Beach Hotel and Resort. You can register by clicking this link. bit.ly/batangasfoodfest2017

For more information about the Batangas Food Festival, visit www.matabungkaybeachhotel.com.