Roles Kids Should Play After The Schoolyear Is Over


Now that school is almost over, it’s time to complement the children’s learnings inside the classroom with plenty of real life experiences.

Take the children for some roleplaying fun at KidZania Manila where they get to learn the value of money and work, while donning a uniform and having the time of their lives. Here are some of the roles to try out this summer:

Play nurse and take care of baby dolls at the hospital. Children get to fulfill their dreams of caring for babies—washing, dressing up, and putting them to sleep—and exercising essential responsibilities at their young age inside Johnson’s Baby Care Training Center. They become more compassionate towards others in the process.

Produce actual medicine in a laboratory. At the Pascual Laboratories Product Lab, children increase their knowledge as they learn about the medicinal properties of plants, perform lab experiments, and manufacture medicine with the help of an expert.

Sing or play an instrument at the music studio. Let the kids show their creativity as they create their own tunes and sing songs at the Star Music studio. The job also gives them an unforgettable experience of recording a song they can play over and over again.

Serve shoppers at the supermarket. Allow young ones to discover the value of hardwork at the Healthy Options Supermarket and let them value collaboration as they experience being cashiers, baggers, or stockers.

Deliver news or try hosting at the TV studio. Kids get to improve their communication skills in an extra exciting setting as they deliver newscast and become part of a live broadcast inside ABS-CBN’s TV studio.

Take advantage of KidZania Manila’s ongoing buy 1 take 1 promo. Avail of one free adult ticket for every kid ticket purchased until March 31, a gift for all the children’s hardwork this school year.