Residents Praise Leaders For Their “Brilliant” Strategy In Grouping Asymptomatic Patients


Residents of provincial government of Misamis Occidental commend Governor Philip Tan and his team for their “brilliant idea” to come up with an innovative quarantine facility.

Due to the attention it has garnered on social media, netizens have joined in on being fascinated on the project as well.

Judging from the outside, viewers are easily reminded of a cabin. But once they get a look inside, they will realize how different the quarantine facility is compared to the regular ones.

Each room consists of an air-conditioning unit, a television, and a bathroom. It caters to COVID-19 positive but asymptomatic patients so the suspected virus is effectively contained.

Certain government officials have shined during this pandemic over the right and wrong reasons. While it is cited that it is the their duty to lead constituents in surviving the COVID-19, sometimes competency and resiliency in the midst of a crisis still deserve recognition—regardless who committed it.

Photo Credit: Agnes Carabal Villanueva


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