Public Told To Observe ‘Responsible Tourism’


The Department of Tourism (DOT) on Sunday called on travelers to practice responsible tourism in the Philippines as a photo of a man seemingly defecating in the heritage site of Intramuros went viral on social media.

“With this, we reiterate our call for everyone to be mindful of our environment and to practice responsible tourism, especially in our heritage sites,” Department of Tourism-attached agency Intramuros Administration (IA) chief Guiller Asido said in a statement.

Guiller clarified that no waste was found when IA personnel checked the area upon seeing the viral photo, which shows a man squatting over a pot with his pants down.

“After sifting through the location, the personnel deployed reported that there is no waste in the area, contrary to what is thought to be insinuated in the photo. The IA has tried all possible means to contact the person who first posted the incident online, but until now we’ve yet to receive a response,” he said.

He said the public should immediately report to proper personnel or guards on duty if they ever witness such actions instead of “instigating unwarranted assumptions, and hateful messages”.
Asido said.

“We ask that the public be vigilant in terms of our heritage sites and to call the attention of any law enforcement officer, or security officers who are posted in all areas,” Asido said.

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso earlier ordered the city’s police to find and identify the man featured in the photo. As of this posting, the Manila City government is coordinating with the IA regarding the issue. (PNA)