If you wish to enjoy reggae music to the fullest, then you better come to the place where it all started.

Founded in the 1960’s in Jamaica, reggae became known after it received global recognition. It denotes a particular music style strongly influenced by traditional mento as well as American jazz and rhythm and blues and has rooted from earlier genres ska and rocksteady.

With this, reggae became a breather in the world of music.

In commemoration of the unique genre, Jamaica made the greatest reggae show in the world, the Reggae Sumfest.

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Dubbed as “the heart-throb of summer,” Reggae Sumfest is the world’s finest festival which gathers music lovers all around the world to rock the night out with reggae music. The music fest features an extensive series of concerts with performances of both local and international reggae stars.

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Aside from the music, you can also enjoy the delicious Jamaican cuisine and glimpse the best of arts and crafts from different parts of the island.

The main event of the fest takes place at the Montego Bay so its definitely a mosh pit. You can bring your own chair, blankets, or mats. However, no food is allowed inside the premises since there are many in-venue suppliers in the venue.

If you’d like, you can travel early to Jamaica to enjoy a classic Caribbean holiday and party all-night to the tune of reggae music.

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