The Moment Group Turns 5

In the last five years, The Moment Group has produced some of the most prominent restaurant brands in Manila. What began as a team of three hungry dreamers, led by founders Eli Antonino, Abba Napa, and Jon Syjuco, has grown to nearly a thousand makers of moments. Napa shares, “The reality of having to put in place structure and professionalism without losing touch of entrepreneurialism, and the ability to dream big and turn on a dime, has been the most challenging aspect of growth that we now have to balance on a daily basis.” Yet these daily efforts have led to a hike in their manpower.

Their role has shifted to becoming strong leaders to the best of their ability, albeit still remaining the dreamers they were when they first set out on this endeavor. The challenge may be striking a good balance, though Napa says, “It’s imperative to wear both hats, and not just one or the other in order to truly succeed and make an impact.”

It seems that the trio has managed to be on track in maintaining that equilibrium. With close to 30 shops in their roster, TMG now celebrates their biggest milestone to date: five full years in the food and hospitality industry.

TMG’s Unprecedented Growth

The Moment Group has, in the last half decade, grown from 1 to 10 brands, in 27 locations, with the TMG Groupwide topline growing by over 60% year on year, with total assets growing aggressively each year. Napa elaborates, “To be honest, we’ve never thought as far as five years until now that we’ve approached it. But now that we are here, the dream is to make it to 50 and build Moment to become something that can be constantly creating value and adding value to our industry, our dining scene and even to our society.”

Undoubtedly, it is the commitment put into TMG’s research and development that can be seen and tasted, in each dish churned out in every single shop under TMG’s 10 brands. Alongside the constant kitchen development, thorough branding and passionate service has attracted a strong following across various generations.

Brands that Make Moments Happen

The Moment Group offers a diversity of cuisines as seen in their various brands:

8Cuts is an authentic burger joint, and was the first of its kind to offer hand crafted burgers with the full service experience.

Manam is the definitive experience of Filipino cuisine that is at once current and timeless, offering classic and reinvented local dishes, including the “#1 Best Sisig in Manila.”

Ooma is a bold new take on casual Japanese fare, through playful and creative dishes, paired with a range of beers and sakes.

Mecha Uma is the city’s most dynamic chef’s table, in collaboration with young and talented chef Bruce Ricketts, which highlights global cuisine with Japanese inflections, and champions special ingredients.

Bank Bar, listed by CNN as one of the “7 Most Intriguing Speakeasies in the World,” is a top-shelf drinking den that serves the most extensive range of liquors, spirits, and cocktails in the city.

The Mess Hall is a perpetual pop-up of The Moment Group’s establishments and dish concepts, served up in the in-house canteen of the TMG headquarters.

Phat Pho Manila, a partnership with Cebu’s Abaca Group, is an upbeat and casual noodle bar that dishes out a variety of phos, alongside a delicious array of modernized Vietnamese street food.

Linguini Fini Manila, a partnership with Hong Kong’s Homegrown Foods, is an Italian restaurant rooted in New York culture, where the pasta and pizza are 100% homemade.

Din Tai Fung is a five-time Michelin Star awarded and award-winning half-century-old Taiwanese brand, known all over the world for its quality, consistency, and most importantly, its world-famous xiaolongbao.

The Moment Group’s vision is to be where you want to eat—be it now, five years from this moment, and perhaps even five decades down the line.

October will be a long month full of celebrations

Apart from food, we’ve got a collaboration with Uniqlo, and the launch of the Moment Five card!

This month, we celebrate our FIFTH birthday. We’ve come a very long way since our small beginnings, and you have played a big part in The Moment Group’s journey. To mark this very special occasion, you’re invited to join in on our month-long birthday celebration!

Throughout the month of October, we’ve got exciting things lined up across all TMG shops. Uniqlo shoppers will be happy to know that for every purchase at the Uniqlo C3 Annex store (in BGC) from Sept 22-Oct 22, a coupon of P200 off will be given for use at any Moment Group restaurant in BGC (redeemable with a single dine-in or takeout purchases of at least P2,000). And this is just the start of the celebration! Stay updated on all the excitement by following our restaurants on Instagram and Facebook, and if you spare a moment to share a moment, you might get a little treat from us.

It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s finally here! The Moment Five card is our way of giving our diners exclusive offers – with benefits that include discounts and freebies when used at participating TMG restaurants. Card holders will be entitled to an initial voucher worth P500, and a 10% discount on every single-receipt purchase with a minimum of P500.

The most exciting in our birthday month celebration is the P55 Specials. Just think, a week-long chance to get all your favorite TMG dishes for just P55! Here’s a first look at the meals you can cop for cheap:

• October 16, Monday – 8Cuts (Grass-fed 1/4 lb Cheeseburger at P55) and Bank Bar (Martinis and Negronis at P55)
• October 17, Tuesday – Ooma (California Taco Maki at P55)
• October 18, Wednesday – Manam (Small House Crispy Sisig at P55)
• October 19, Thursday – Din Tai Fung (5pcs Pork Xiaolongbao at P55) and Mecha Uma (Camo Onigiri at P55)
• October 20, Friday – Linguini Fini (8-inch Cheese Pizza), and Phat Pho (Small Pho Bo), Mess Hall (Chocolate Chip Cookie), all at P55.

We only turn five once, so you can expect only the best things from TMG on this very special occasion!

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