Metro Manila Hospitals Reach Full Capacity


The battle against the coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) is nowhere near to an end, yet several hospitals across the National Capital Region (NCR) have already announced that they reached maximum capacity.

The hospitals took to social media the declaration.

In a Facebook post, Makati Medical Center (MMC) has testified that it it has accommodated thousands of COVID-19 patients since the pandemic spiked. Despite its best efforts to accommodate as many as possible, the medical institution eventually became fully occupied.

Rest assured though, that MMC is keeping non-COVID patients safe from the virus.

On the same day, Quezon City and Taguig branches of St. Luke’s Medical Center also disclosed full capacity of its COVID-19 facilities.

Additionally, The Medical City (TMC) in Pasig has also expressed the same concern.

While the dedicated amenities cannot cater COVID-19 patients at the moment, TMC said that it still has slots for non-COVID patients.

As of press, the Department of Health has reported 57,006 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 20,371 recoveries and 1,599 deaths.

Photo Credit: Makati Medical Center Official Facebook Page


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