Matcha Lovers Will Drool Over This Restaurant In Pasay


Years have gone by and people are still in love with matcha which originated from Japan. The craze won the hearts of many especially green tea lovers and it’s precisely why different restaurants in the metro have come up with their own matcha dishes.

But just when we thought the matcha craze is about to die down, a restaurant in Tsujiri opens its first ever branch in Pasay City. Tsujiri originated from Uji, Kyoto and has been serving the most authentic matcha for over 155 years.

The restaurant made sure to incorporate matcha in all of their servings. Their signature dishes include Uji Sunrise, Uji Sunset, Tsujiri Float, Tsujir Ice Blended, Tsujiri Lava Cake, Tsujiri Ice Cream, Yuzu Shaved Ice and more.

Here are the drool-worthy photos:

Photo Credit: Instagram: @tsujiri_ph


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