Welcome to Europe’s highest peak and the world’s 10th most prominent mountain: Mt. Elbrus in Russia. Despite the fact that it bulges 5,642 meters up, traversing on it is not quite challenging.

Everyone can use the cable car and chair lift that takes them up to 3000 meters up. Next stop is Camp 11. Tourists are encouraged to book in advance during high season which drops from June to September.

Mt. Elbrus can be conquered within a day– 8 hours going up and 8 hours going down. For beginners, this is a tough climb and takes a lot of effort but the reward upon reaching the peak: to stand atop of the entire continent of Europe is worth treasuring for a lifetime.

Here are more photos from Mt. Elbrus:

Photo Credit: Instagram: @russianmountainholidays, @sarahtreks