LOOK: Festival Mall Now Has Its Own China-Inspired Glass Walkway


Seems like another new gimmick is up in the South.

Recently, Facebook user Desiree Joyce posted a video of her walking on a glass walkway inside a mall. If China has its own glass walkway in Tianmen mountain and Cebu has its Sky Walk Extreme, Alabang’s Festival Mall has its very own glass walkway.

If you’re scared of heights, then you might want to take a risk walking across this walkway. Because unlike China’s famous Sky Walk Extreme, Alabang’s Festival Mall has a small walkway–available for only a short walk.

This mini-glass walkway is located at the mall’s ground floor. Other netizens also commented on the same post that a longer glass walkway is currently under construction on the other wing of the same mall, still located at the ground floor.

By just going to Alabang, you’ll already have the chance to experience walking across the glass walkway–so no need to go to China or Cebu!


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