Everybody knows that it’s a long-shot to have a European vacation with a tight budget. Why keep on praying for a Euro vacation when Rome’s beauty can be appreciated through a resort spotted in Tarlac? With a 3-hour drive from Manila, Goshen Resort and Hotel carries the perfect resemblance of Rome in Bamban, Tarlac.

‘Dambana Ni Yahweh’ is the main attraction of the resort which looks exactly like the famous Amphitheatrum Flavium in Rome. Tourists are encouraged to take photos of it especially during sunsets.

To give a full-blown European experience, the place offers three swimming pools that overlooks a stunning view.

In addition, iconic Greek architecture such as columns are present everywhere all-throughout the resort.

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Fun fact: The water in the swimming pool comes from a deep-well which means it has less amount of chlorine compared to other resorts. Therefore, the water isn’t drying on the skin or hair even after long hours of swimming.

For nature-lovers, guests can drive an ATV or explore the farm in Goshen Resort and Hotel. Animals such as chickens, dove, wild boars, ducks, cows, goats are raised and fed organically so it is rest assured that food served are 100% oorganic.

Photo Credit: Instagram: @rizadarkness, @lengunda, @wandertwinsofficial