#LargaGuide: 5 Must-Dos When You’re In Hong Kong


There’s no single word to describe Hong Kong. It’s captivating, thrilling, traditional, gorgeous, chaotic (in a good way), fabulous, and a million other things.

This cosmopolitan has made a name for itself thanks to its stellar dining & shopping scenes, entertainment hubs & natural wonders. Not to mention its accessibility & close proximity to us Filipinos. If you haven’t been here, you’re totally missing out.
Still having second thoughts? Here, let me show you some of my favorite things to do in Hong Kong:

1. Visit Dear Ol’ Victoria Peak

You can’t possibly visit Hong Kong without climbing Victoria Peak.

Best view of the city can be seen at Victoria Peak. (Shutterstock/Luciano Mortula LGM)

The highest point in the city at around 1,085 feet above sea level. A view from the peak is simply breathtaking. Imagine seeing the entirety of Hong Kong laid out before you: shiny skyscrapers, Kowloon’s mountain ranges, the vast Victoria Harbour. It’s truly quite a sight to behold.

Try the sushi at Fujiyama Mama at The Peak – unbelievably fresh sushi at 1K+ ft above sea level! (Instagram/Krystle.Klear)

Don’t worry, you don’t have to trek on foot all the way up. Well technically you can, but there are different ways to reach the summit. You can either ride a taxi or a bus but we recommend you take the fastest & most popular route: via the 125-year old Tram Peak.

Take the scenic route all the way to the Peak with the tram. (Shutterstock/leungchopan)

It’s a short 7-8 minute train ride but you wish it could have been longer because the visual experience is absolutely gorgeous. You’ll get to see both the natural and urban side of Hong Kong. Just remember to sit at the right side to catch the better views. And if you think the journey is spectacular by day, imagine experiencing it at night. Yup, the train operates until midnight!