5. Moscow, Russia

Here’s a trip for culture lovers! Moscow is packed with historic sites, entertainment spots & some of the world’s quirkiest architecture. Where else in the world can you walk along the streets and pass by glittering palaces & onion-domed churches? All the theatre plays to watch and restaurants to try can be overwhelming at first. But hey, it’s the capital city of the world’s largest country after all.

Panoramic view of Moscow Red Square with the towering Saint Basil’s Cathedral/Mikhail Leonov/Shutterstock

Sights to Expect:

Moscow’s heart & soul lie in Red Square where you’ll find a symphony of head turners including St. Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin & Lenin’s Mausoleum. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts & Red October Island are also worth visiting for a taste of the city’s art & food scene.

Kremlin skyline at night/EvgeniT/Pixabay

Forecast & Season:

March to May is officially springtime in Russia although it can still get really chilly in March with temperature as low as -8°C and gets to about 10°C by April. Days get relatively warmer in May when temperature averages about 8°C to 19°C.

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Final Tips

Traveling to these destinations during these seasons can be tricky. With weather in transition, your best game plan is to have a go-to cover up that you can use any day, any time. Preferably one that you can to wear or hand carry when the weather swings from sunny days with cool winds to chilly, dry nights.

The upside is, these are great choices for Filipinos to go to when Philippines is in full on summer mode – temperature’s not aggressively cold for like us used to tropical heat. Plus, it’s considered to be off-peak period for most of these destinations (hint: less lines, more savings).

Any of these make your all new summer list? Share us what you think!

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