2. Israel & Jordan

When you travel to Holy Land, you better keep your eyes and ears open because every stone, wall and ruin has a story to tell. Israel & Jordan are home to diverse cultures, religions & experiences. Where else can you can “float” on a Dead Sea or explore 3-thousand year old temples carved into sandstone cliffs? A pilgrimage to Holy Land will not just amaze your senses but also leave you spiritually fulfilled.

What’s new? Floating on the Dead Sea/Oleysa Baron/Shutterstock

Must Sees:

Your trip to Israel wouldn’t be complete without visiting Dead Sea, King Herod’s Palace & Masada Ruins. Its capital city, Jerusalem, features sacred sites including the Tower of David, Mount Olives & the Western “Wailing” Wall.

In Jordan, a walk through the suspenseful Siq, a snaking path of massive rock walls, will lead you through Petra’s main highlight & UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Al-Khazneh (The Treasury).

Camels resting near the treasury Al Khazneh in Petra, Jordan/DimaSid/Shutterstock

Forecast & Season:

Like UK, March to May weather in Jordan and Israel is spring. There’s a gradual increase in temperature during the period. In Jordan, average temperature is about 18° in March, and gets to about 27° by May. The same goes in Israel.

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