For some of us, beach therapy is not enough. So, we’ve compiled some offbeat choices for you when you want to escape the summer heat, or just more eager for a cool adventure than a tropical getaway.

1. United Kingdom

There’s no wonder why UK is at the top of everyone’s bucket lists. It’s got everything: from medieval castles to Harry Potter theme parks, pubs and hot beer (!), theaters (hello, Shakespeare), the Royal family, the list goes on.

London’s Millenium Bridge facing St. Paul’s Cathedral/

UK is a hub for culture, history and all things urban – you’ll be hard-pressed to find something you won’t love. The problem really is deciding where to go first.

Must Sees:

Make sure to visit London’s myriad of iconic landmarks: Big Ben, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, to name a few. History buffs will delight in Dublin Castle, Westminster Abbey, and Shakespeare’s Globe. Hint: Thames River in the heart of London lines up these landmarks. Give it a day and walk through both sides of the river for a full urbane English experience.

Nature lovers & Game of Thrones fans shouldn’t miss the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. A more accessible alternative is the Stonehenge in Amesbury – roughly a 2-hour ride from London.

Forecast & Season:

March to May weather is collectively spring in London. Temperature averages about 10°, but it can also get to a pleasant 20° in the mornings, with a nice sunshine while gardens show new blooms.

Big Ben and Parliament Square on a sunny day/Pajor Pawel/Shutterstock

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