Discover your child’s gifts and interests with the help of KidZania Manila’s newest establishment, the PROMIL® FOUR Talent Development Center, which instantly determines kids’ unique inclination through the Spot the Gift test and identifies role-play activities that will help nurture their gifts.

“Here at KidZania Manila, we use the power of role play to unlock the universe inside each and every child, to teach them important life skills and lessons that they can bring with them in the real world. It all starts with helping them discover and make sense of what makes them unique and special,” said KidZania Manila content manager Ikey Canoy at the launch of the new establishment, a partnership that empowers parents and champions children’s growth.

“One of the best ways to encourage the parents to identify the kids’ gifts is through our new Spot the Gift test which consists of a personality based sets of questions that allow our parents to identify their kids’ inclinations,” shared Jocelyn Lacida, Wyeth Nutrition marketing director for Premium. “So by taking the Spot the Gift test at the PROMIL® FOUR Talent Development Center, we give parents the opportunity to see the results in real-time,” she added.

The results will indicate if a child has linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, naturalist, interpersonal, intrapersonal, spatial relation, or musical gift.

Immediately after the test, a guide will be handed to the parents and their kids, identifying KidZania Manila ‘jobs’ that will help nurture their potential.

One of the world’s most inventive kids’ educational entertainment concepts, KidZania Manila has over 90 role-playing activities which children can explore, including PROMIL® FOUR’s partner establishments such as National Book Store’s Bookstore & Art Studio, Star Magic’s Acting Academy, and Star Music’s Music Studio.

Through its fun and thrilling role-play activities, BGC’s premier play city helps foster kids’ unique interests, enhance their gifts, and open their mind to endless possibilities, while making the experience rewarding for parents as well.

KidZania Manila operates under ABS-CBN Themed Experiences Inc., a subsidiary of the country’s leading media and entertainment company that seeks to bring unique Kapamilya experiences in engaging and interactive themed attractions.

Spot your child’s gifts at the new PROMIL® FOUR Talent Development Center in KidZania Manila. For updates, visit ‪ or follow the Play City’s social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram) @kidzaniamanila.