Join The World’s Biggest Winter Carnival in Quebec, Canada


Christmas may be long over but the winter festivities still continue at the Carnaval de Quebec in Quebec city, Canada. As one of the largest winter carnivals in the world, the Quebec carnival is jam-packed with activities, events, and, of course, lots of snow! Hooray!

At the Quebec winter carnival, locals and tourists alike indulge on pre-Lenten festivities and celebrate their love for all things winter. It is so dearly celebrated by the locals that it even has an official representative, Bonhomme Carnaval. But, be careful in calling this mischievous snowman a mascot because for the locals, Bonhomme is a celebrity as he represents the city and the people’s joie de vivre.

The 17-day carnival opens with a grand parade led by Bonhomme, the King of the festivities himself. Illuminated floats, fantastical beasts, dancing troupes, and marching bands liven up the streets of Quebec with its color and music, awakening the city’s festive spirits.

The carnival’s main event is the ice canoe race across the St. Lawrence river. Don’t miss watching the teams race against each other as they brave the frozen river’s strong currents and icy waters.

Massive and intricate ice sculptures adorn the fairgrounds of the carnival during its first weekend. Since the carnival also hosts the International Sculpture event, visitors get the opportunity to watch as snow artists turn huge blocks of snow into works of art.

There’s no need to be jealous of Queen Elsa’s fabulous castle because Bonhomme has an ice castle of his own at the fairgrounds. You can tour inside and see the beautiful interior of his palace during the day, then at night, the entire palace is turned into a party venue.

If you’re going with your family, there are lots of family-oriented activities at the fairgrounds as well. You can ride a Ferris wheel, play miniature hockey, go dog-sledding, and enjoy the ice slides.

If you’re going with friends, don’t miss out on human football and human bowling. What’s more fun than getting inside a zorb ball and rolling down the icy slopes to knock out the pins below, right?

There are various winter activities you can try out, too. After all, aren’t sports part of celebrating winter? You can skate at the Place D’Youville’s outdoor skating rink, play hockey, try your hand at curling at the Place Desjardins, or ski at the trails.

No carnival is complete without food. At the Quebec carnival, there are public banquets and tons of restaurants to try out. The carnival’s maple taffy and BeaverTails give you the sweet taste of Quebec.

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You can find outdoor bars and stalls selling the carnival’s traditional beverage, the Caribou, a mix of red wine, whiskey, and maple syrup.

Sometimes, it’s even served in glasses made of ice!

Celebrate winter at its best with Bonhomme Carnaval and enjoy the taste, sights, and joie de vivre of the city at the Quebec Winter Carnival!

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