Pouring out our inner feelings must be the most relieving thing we can do especially if we have one of the most beautiful places in front of us. Peaceful surroundings, white sand, dazzling scenery, these are the things that will make us want to pour our hearts out and bust out all our “hugots” in life. To save you the trouble, we listed some international destinations that are perfect not only for Instagram posts but also perfect to escape to kung sawa ka ng masaktan.

1. Koh Kradan, Thailand

With all the beautiful islands that Thailand has to offer, Koh Kradan may be one of its most beautiful beaches. Its water are as clear as your feelings for crush, pero at least dito, ‘di ka papaiyakin. The island offers a clear view of the vast sea and a majestic sight of the scenery to relax you. Sitting on the famous wooden swing that faces the beach, this place can definitely do a thing or two to your wasak na wasak na puso.

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