For a gamer, regular hotels with a pool and restaurant is definitely a bore. To be quite frank, going out of the house is barely an option unless you’re heading to a computer shop. But Taiwan is ready to change the game (no pun intended) for gamers everywhere.

iHotel is located at Taiwan, which is known to be first e-sport themed hotel in Asia to offer virtual gaming activities. Each room has two powerful 32-inch gaming PC’s with DX Racer chair each. The gaming systems feature i5-7400 processors and 16GB of RAM. With this, gamers can enjoy playing co-op or go head-to-head without dealing with split screen peaking.

iHotel also has a large gaming lobby with multiple gaming PC’s to go up against other gamers. Because of the uniqueness of iHotel, it will obviously cost a lot of cash. A night in this hotel costs USD$1,200.