Here Are 10 Places You Need To Visit If You’re Planning A Trip To Europe


If you are a city light kind of person and really loves walking at night under the stars, Europe might be the best travel destination for you. From England to France, Italy and Germany, all European countries are full of colorful cities and is really well known for their museums, restaurants, nightlife and architecture. But deciding which one to go first can be a tough decision.

They say that March is the best time to visit Europe if you are looking for an adventure or a low-key retreat. You will definitely experience most of Europe’s loveliest sights and lovable people.

This year, TripAdvisor released the list of the best cities in Europe for vacation this 2018. Travelers’ Choice Award is the trusted TripAdvisor seal of approval, celebrating their travelers’ top picks.

Here’s the list of the 2018 best destinations to try in Europe.

1. Paris, France

Paris is a magical city not just for lovers but also for kids. Paris is called the City of Lights. It is not just the historical architecture of Paris that you will enjoy but also the culture behind it, the delicious foods and romantic parks.

There are also activities in Paris that you will find enjoyable to your family like visiting a museum or having a boat tour around the city.


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