During childhood, kids were told that heaven is where their guardian angels can be seen and where good people live. But it looks like a hidden spot tucked in Iloilo brought heaven to the earth. The place is known as Garinfarm Pilgrimage. Basically, it is a pilgrimage site and a resort inside a huge farm in Iloilo.

The place caught the attention of tourists because of the highest point of the resort called journey to heaven. The spot requires a 480-step hike before witnessing the pure white sanctuary looking over a heavenly view. White-painted statues of angels with their trumpets awaits at the top, the whole place is hair-raising, giving travelers a taste of how majestic heaven could be.

During sunset, the colors of the sky and clouds casts a beautiful gradient tint on the white background, cascading a beautiful play of colors.

In addition to the said resort’s highlight, Garinfarm Pilgrimage’s amenities includes swimming pools, a lagoon for boating and zipline for a little bit of adrenaline-boosting activities.

Here are the photos:

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