Hanami; The Cherry Blossom Viewing Festival In Japan


When people hear the word Japan, aside from technology, cherry blossoms are the first thing that pops into their minds.

Because of its picturesque view, Japan has been a dream destination for most people and a memorable place to those who have visited the country. Japan is significantly known for growing bountiful light pink colored trees called as the ‘cherry blossoms.’

The annual Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival will be held from 23 April – 5 May 2016. Hirosaki Park is home to over 2,600…

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Spring may just be a season for some, but it plays an important role in Japan. Hanami is an ancient Japanese tradition of welcoming the spring season. 花 (hana) means “flower,” and 見 (mi), means “to view.” Together, hanami literally means “to view flowers.” It’s this time of the year where Japanese celebrate the appreciation of their blessed place surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Cherry Blossom Peak prediction for 2018 – March 17-20 (issued today).I have a few emails to send my #engagedcouples…

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Although cherry blossoms normally bloom in January, it is at its beautiful and abundant peak only for two weeks. Those two precious weeks are in the late March and early April to which Hanami also takes place. During Hanami season, Japan is vibrant in the color of cherry blossoms, and warmer as it transitions to spring season.

Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival (河津桜まつり, Kawazu-zakura Matsuri) ~ Kawazu, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture, February 10 -…

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Ueno Park Hanami festival. Sakura – cherry blossoms – everywhere! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 #gardentravel #japansakura #hanami #smiling

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Also, because cherry blossoms beauty is fleeting for no more than two weeks, it has been a significant symbol that stands for ‘beauty is transitory (impermanence of beauty).’ For the celebration, some famous spots become very busy and lively especially those places which are great for viewing cherry blossoms. Most of them are in the heart of Japan, Tokyo including Asukayama Park, Chidorigafuchi, Ueno Onshi Park, and the Meguro River.

Cherry blossom festival on the Meguro River in last year 🌸🇯🇵 By: Kamakuracafe 📷©️

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The festival dates vary in every location but only plays between March to May. Back in the old days, Hanami is celebrated by writing and reciting poetries. But as soon as the millennial generation was born, it has changed to eating and drinking. Japanese would sit underneath the trees and picnic with their friends and family.

The Hanami Festival in the cherry park in Roihuvuori was planned to take place last Sunday, May 14. For some reason the…

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Hanami, literally means “flower viewing,” is the traditional spring enjoyment and appreciation of cherry blossoms. There…

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However, if you’re not prepared with your own food for picnic, it isn’t a problem for the food stalls around the area serves a ready-made Hanami lunch boxes where some emphasized the pink colored food and some vegetables cut into flower shapes.

happy faces at Hanami Festival.mark your agenda and don't miss out!Hanami Festival7-9 April 2017Landmark Residence ApartmentJl Bima No 81#hanamifestivalbandung

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For the drinks, the popular rice wine known as ‘sake’ and teas blended with organically grown sakura are the popular drinks during Hanami. At night, cherry blossoms are lit glowing with paper lanterns creating a romantic atmosphere that every couple in the park enjoys. Hanami in the evening is called ‘yozakura.’

Cherry blossoms fill this nightscape captured by photographer Naoya S. during the Hirosaki City Cherry Blossom Festival in Aoromi, Japan. http://on.natgeo.com/2pb1QAU

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Hanami festival may be simple and calm, but it reminds us a lesson that ‘everything is not permanent in life.


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