Kingdom of Netherlands’ capital and most populous municipality Amsterdam has taken its way to the Philippines.

With Cebu’s Little Amsterdam, also known as Sirao Flower Farm, everyone would be able to feel the relaxing ambiance that the mini-flower garden provides–basking in their glorious array of colors to refresh.

Owner Elena Sy-Chua decided to officially open the place for tourists only last March because of its virality and the huge request from wishful visitors.

The main attraction that made this mini-flower garden similar to Amsterdam are the windmill and the celosia flowers that bloom for 8 to 10 weeks, together with other types of flowers, the fountain, the statuaries, the benches, and the Santo Niño. It was said that the celosia flower was introduced to Cebu as Sto. Niño flower due to its yellow and red hues–similar colors of Sto. Niño.

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Other than that, a plot of yellow gerberas and a plot of sunflowers can be found in the garden. Picking of flowers is not allowed but the garden itself sells a bunch of flowers for only around P40.

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You’ll also find a plot of yellow gerberas fronting a plot of sunflowers that adds a lively splash of color by the side. She also has other flowering plants, the seeds for which she got in Amsterdam, Vancouver and Monaco.

Bringing of food and drinks are allowed in the garden but a small snack place is also available inside. There’s a a payment of P20 prior to the picture taking session, too.