Filipino Inventor Develops Agent That Can Prevent Dengue


Dengue has long been a problem for Filipinos, with thousands affected annually, several have been looking for an effective way to prevent dengue. Filipino inventor Lyle Herbosa has developed a kit called MYKL Kiti-kitiX. According to a report by the Research Institute for Topical Medicine (RITM), Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), and the University of the Philippines Los BaƱos-Center for Health Development (UPLB-CHD), the product is effective in killing mosquitoes that carry dengue.

The product is a mixture of 60%-90% calcium hydroxide and 5-40% clinoptilolite. These ingredients are used in controlling adult mosquitoes developing which can be disease carriers. The ingredients are also used against young mosquitoes. The MYKL Kiti-kitiX differs from other mosquito repellants because those repellants only kill mosquitoes present in the area while MYKL Kiti-kitiX prevents them from growing and multiplying.

Lyle Herbosa (in red) in 2017, signing Memorandum of Agreement with DOST-TAPI

Not only does MYKL Kiti-kitiX stop the lifecycle of mosquitoes to end their breeding in a certain area but it also has a long shelf-life of its effectivity. From when it is initially used and applied its effects on mosquitoes can last anywhere from 11 months to 23 months.

The MYKL Kiti-kitiX project of Herbosa is the first to avail of the Department of Science and Technology – Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI) iTECH Lending Program partnership with Land Bank of the Philippines. The program has provided PHP10,625,000 on loan to Herbosa to upscale commercialization of his product.

In 2017, DOST-TAPI and Herbosa signed a Memorandum of Agreement to fund the initial commercialization of MYKL Kiti-kitiX. Through financial assistance provided by the DOST-TAPI, he was able to introduce his development to local government units across the nation.

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