Filipina In Dubai Feeds Hundreds Of Jobless People Every Day


The Bayanihan culture continues to live on even across the globe. Despite losing a source of income during the pandemic, Filipina Feby Cachero Baguisa-Dela Peña remains steadfast in delivering goods to fellow immigrants.

The initiative is called “Ayuda”, which means “help” in Filipino. It aims to distribute two meals a day for people who were hit by the global crisis.

According to an interview, the target supply per day entails 50kg of rice, 60kg of chicken, and around 25 dozen of eggs. Those who would like to receive the goods are free to come by and pick it up at her place, provided that physical distancing is observed. Meanwhile, she personally gives the aid to those who cannot afford the transportation.

Photo Source: Emirates Loto

So far, the mother of three has shelled out Dh500—a month’s worth of budget—and has helped over 400 unemployed individuals for this project.

This goodwill did not go ignored as Feby was recently recognized by Emirates Loto, which allowed her to provide 10,000 more meals to the “Ayuda” beneficiaries.

Since garnering some attention, people have also given financial assistance to “Ayuda”.

Asked if she was afraid that the Dubai government would catch her in the act for violating social distancing, she admits that it made her nervous. However, if she lets this get the best of her, many people would suffer from hunger.

Photo Source: Reem Mohammed / The National