We all want a life where we can just travel the world and experience different things from exploring beautiful places to tasting delicious food. We all want to experience going on a dinner for two in Paris or explore the beauty of San Francisco and New York. What we don’t realize is that the country we live in today has a lot of things to offer in terms of natural beauty and adventure.

Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park is one virgin place where you can just relax and indulge in the rich culture of the locals located in Rawis Basey, Samar. People say that Sohoton is just caves and rivers. Sohoton is actually more than that because it has been said that this paradise is an ideal place for all types of nature lovers and adventurers. Here, you can find beautiful cathedral-shaped caves, lush green forests, amazing rock and limestone formations, and a cold water that passes through a natural rock bridge.

Upon arriving at Sohoton Visitor’s Center, we are welcomed by a local group dancing and singing some local songs. They are dressed with their local costumes while they share their rich culture as an art. We are also served with hot eucalyptus water as their local tea.

A motorboat will bring you to the Sohoton Cave where different rock formations will be found. Adventure lovers will definitely love exploring the deep depths of the cave. Inside the cave, you will see thousands of rock formations. You just need to be imaginative so that you can see different animal shapes.

Here, you can also experience the ‘Pitch Black’ effect where the tour guide will close all lamps inside the cave. You can also hear a deafening silence covering your ears. Hiking is a fun exercise to do once in a while because it helps to keep your stamina strong.

After a fun hike and exploration, a delicious meal will surprise you. Also add a father and son duet singing their local songs. They also shared their local stories with us while we are at the table. We are not only full because of the food but also with the stories and knowledge that we got from them.

After the meal, we went straight ahead with the Kayak adventure that will take us to the natural bridge. It took us 40 minutes to reach the destination. While at the kayak, we enjoyed looking at the deep green forest that surrounded us. We also saw different species of birds roaming around the natural forest.

Arriving at the natural bridge, I actually thought that I was in Palawan because it seems like it is close to being an underground river. The beauty of the rock formation gave us the perfect relaxation that we needed. This was indeed a perfect adventure for explorers out there!

This is only one of the many new attractions in Samar. Truly a paradise worth visiting!