Travel Netherlands: Explore The Vibrant City Of Amsterdam


Forget about the infamous nightlife in Amsterdam and know deeper the artistic culture of the city. Just a little trivia, the city has more bikes than cars that’s why tourists are encouraged to ride a bike.

Get a closer look to the picturesque houses constructed above the beautiful watery setting. Remember, the city is surrounded with 160 canals and most of the tour is spent by wandering above the water.

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The great thing for everybody’s first stop is the haven of all paintings, the Van Gogh Museum. Then, have a laid-back atmosphere while touring along the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat where countless antique shops are established.

And what’s the best way to cap a day? Obviously, an Amsterdam experience will never be the same if tourists will not enjoy their well-deserved beers on one of the cafĂ© terraces.

Photo Credit: Instagram: @een_wasbeer, @corins.cabinet.of.curiositi, @vangoghmuseum, @aveganfromindia, @souffle1ove