Behind the stereotypical concept of poverty in Africa, lies the diversity in culture, traditions and art. Originated in 2007, AfrikaBurn is South Africa’s official Burning Man regional event which was adapted from the annual counterpart event in Black Rock Dessert, Nevada in United States.
The festival is a community event which was influenced by the eleven main principles namely: radical self-expression, radical inclusion, radical self-reliance, communal effort, decommodification, civic responsibility, immediacy, gifting, participation, leaving no trace and each one teach one.

AfrikaBurn is celebrated in the Town of Tankwa, South Africa every April 23 until April 30. As they value the beauty of their art, culture and creativity, the goal of the event is to be accessible to anyone who wish to express themselves through clothing, theme camps and art installations.

Like a piece of empty canvass, AfrikaBurn festival is held in an isolated privately-owned farm known as the Stonehenge located in the heart of the Karoo desert, near to the Tankwa Karoo National Park. Since it is an art and music festival, it’s main highlight is the participation of the community in constructing temporary artworks displayed in a semi-desert place where some will be burnt towards the end of the festival.

Adhering to the communal participation principle of the festival, everyone must contribute to the community in the simplest yet meaningful way as possible. Whether it’d be food, water or a piece of art— everything is accepted for as long as it comes from the heart. According to their website, the touchstone of value in their culture has always been:

“immediacy: experience before theory, moral relationships before politics, survival before services, roles before jobs, ritual before symbolism, work before vested interest, participant support before sponsorship.”

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#BURNAFRICA,BURN! Every year, a few thousand #travel to and especially within #SouthAfrica to attend the #Afrikaburn #festival. To #dance, #dream and #search for #meaning in the #Tankwa #Karoo #desert in 2017 I joined in for #Lufthansa magazine. It wouldn’t have been my last time. It’s the end of April, which means the #endofsummer in the #southernhemisphere. Everyone around me has come to attend Afrikaburn, a week-long spectacle that takes place in one of South Africa’s most inhospitable regions. The Tankwa Karoo is a semi-desert populated by jackals, scorpions and extremely venomous #puffadders. During the day, the temperatures climb to 40 degrees Celsius. At night, they can easily drop below zero. But year after year, more and more people from #CapeTown have begun to attend, although the city is roughly 300 kilometers away. These days they even come from as far away as Europe and the United States. In 2017, 13 000 people have come together in the desert, including me. #love #mdmazing #afrikaburn2017 #burningman #loveisintheair #tobiasboschfotomanagement

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Witnessing the festival, you will see no advertising, no branding and not even vendors are allowed, just the pure essence of festival and an amount of ice for sale. AfrikaBurn has a theme to which the costumes and arts follows respectively every year.

Although pieces of art will be displayed around the area, some of it are not allowed to be taken home, simply because it is bound to be burn. As the moon comes out and the breeze of air becomes cold at night, crowds would gather in a certain area to watch the gigantic wooden sculpture burning to which it lightens up the night as the fire grows bigger until the art fades into pieces of ashes.

Being a festival, whose event is open to all, one great experience would also be the opportunity to meet new people from different races, ages, nations, genders and diversity follows. Almost 10,000 people attend to this event every year. Also, your AfrikaBurn experience wouldn’t be complete without witnessing the designed mutant vehicles blowing fire while the vehicles are being parade.

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Afrikaburn 2017 #afrikaburn #a#afrikaburn2017

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And since the event is all about fire, the clothing is optional but mostly burning hot. People would show up in their fiercest and feistiest fashion near to almost being nude.

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At night, before or after the structure have been fired up, the next thing that will blast is the loud music and the crazy crowd.

Along the entire festival, the attendees bring their tents or camp in their cars instead of checking in a luxury hotel nearby. After burning out the last ember, the festival-goers would pack their things up and help clean and clear up the whole area of the festival grounds, adhering to one of its principle known as “leave no trace.”