Experience St. Patrick’s Day In The Vibrant City of Dublin, Ireland–The Place Where It All Began


St. Patrick’s Day or Paddy’s Day may be celebrated around the world but none would ever compare to the festivities of its home country. Why? Because the Irish turned the one-day celebration into a five-day festival! So head on over to Dublin, the heart of all festivities, and do what the Irish do!

So who’s the St. Patrick we’re all turning green for? St. Patrick is Ireland’s patron saint who converted the Irish people to Christianity. According to legend, St. Patrick was actually a young English noble who worked as a slave after he was taken and brought to the Antrim County by pirates. One day, he managed to escape from his captors but there was a mysterious voice persuading him to return so that he could convert the pagans (the Irish) to Christianity. A year later, he returned as a missionary to convert them into Christians and drove all the snakes out of Ireland.

Recently, however, Ireland created a five-day national festival, with St. Patrick’s Day as the main attraction, where the Irish can showcase their creative ideas, festive spirits, and love for the arts and St. Patrick. You can enjoy variety of events and performances like literary trails, poetry reading, art showcases, theater shows, and music festivals on the days leading up to Paddy’s Day.

On the morning of Paddy’s Day, the streets begin to fill as locals and tourists await the grand parade filled with floats, marching bands, guard groups, and flag corps led by the Grand Marshal and none other than St. Patrick (not the real one, of course)!

You’ll be surprised how cool and jolly St. Patrick is! He certainly has the Irish spirit!

After the parade, your feet would probably begging you to rest so head over to Ireland’s famous pub, the Temple Bar, and grab a pint of cold Guinness! Be warned though, lots of tourists flock to the pub during Paddy’s Day so if you don’t like crowds, you can just opt for the other pubs around the city. You’ll find yourself in the company of locals who’ll gladly have a pint with you!

Can’t make it to Dublin? Don’t worry! There are plenty of cities around the world that parties as hard as the Irish! You can visit the Windy City of Chicago that celebrates St. Paddy’s by lighting their buildings and dyeing one of the rivers green. Or, you can visit New York City where you can join pub crawls and drink until you drop at one of the local Irish pubs after watching the Grand Parade.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated almost everywhere in the world, so if you still can’t make it to New York or Chicago, just find an Irish pub or three in your city and have a small party! So, put on your favorite green shirt, kiss a shamrock for luck, and celebrate St. Paddy’s as crazy as the Irish!

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