July is famously called ‘music month’ because most of the music festivals around the world happens this month. That’s why festival goers warn you of what they call “chronic festival fatigue syndrome”. But if you want to experience a massive festival which showcases up-and-coming talents in the music scene, then you better go to Roskilde, Denmark.

The city holds an amazing music festival called the Roskilde Festival which is considered as one of the largest music festivals in Europe and the largest in Northern Europe.

Founded in 1971, the festival is run by a non-for-profit foundation with only a few number of full-time staff.

Musicians and music-enthusiasts around the world come together to rock the night out in Roskilde. Most performers have varying musical genres which makes the festival cater juxtaposing styles.

More than 80,000 guests come to fill a 80-ha (200-acre) site into a giant big mosh pit. In all of the eight days, they can choose which performance would they like to attend.

All the varying genres complement the main attraction of the show and gives you a very lively vibe.

Aside from music, food is also a must-try so better experience it to the fullest and rock all the stress away.

Photo credit: Instagram – @roskildefestival