The Philippines will never run out of waterfalls. Our country is made up of different kinds of bodies of water. These bodies of waters connect us and make our country as it is. This particular waterfall is said to be the mini Niagara Falls in Visayas.

Going to Canada just to see the Niagara falls will take days and nights on a plane. Knowing that we have our own Niagara falls, our country indeed has so much to offer.

Adventurers and explorers will definitely love this place because of its serene and peaceful view.

From the visitor’s point, the tour guide shared a few history and background of the Lulugayan Falls. From the point, you will walk to reach the Lulugayan Falls. It will only take you 15-20 minutes.

Upon seeing the Lulugayan Falls, mini huts are being constructed within its area. They are actually getting ready for the world to see this beautiful work of art. You will enjoy the cold water touching our feet as you go near it.

It really looked like a smaller version of Niagara Falls. It has a 20 meter stretch from side to side. Unfortunately, when we went there, we weren’t allowed to go at the top of the falls because its too slippery.